Privacy Policy

Crowdbase promises to protect the personal data of Users, and thus their private life, if that is the case. We use information only to communicate and on occasion to help Users benefit from other services offered, as well as for statistical means.

Personal and confidential data that the User transmits, when defining his profile and in opening an account with Crowdbase, enables Users to take full advantage of offered services, with some exceptions.

To this effect, here are the details of our privacy policy.

Collected information:

In order to enable Users to fully benefit from services offered, we need to know their name and their email address. The email address is essential information transmitted in order to attain the goals of use of the Site. But for the purpose of reassuring future Users, Crowdbase promises to ensure the complete confidentiality of this information.

Use of collected information:

Crowdbase will only use this information to forward communications and for statistical purposes. We also use this data to improve the presentation and the organization of Crowdbase, to advise Users of changes and new services that are located on our site, and to occasionally announce special offers.

Access to data:

Access to data is limited to the team specifically affected to Crowdbase and that being the case, only in carrying out their work.

Receipt of newsletter emails:

At any time, the Users can modify the frequency of receipt of notifications of content in their profile. If you no longer want to receive newsletter emails, it suffices to unsubscribe by clicking on the box provided for this under the Profile section or on clicking on the link for this at the end of one of this emails.


Conveyance of your personal information to third parties

Communication of information:

Crowdbase can convey your personal information to companies or third party individuals only in rare instances. In order to do so, we will obtain your permission. We always ask you for your authorization before conveying any personal or confidential information concerning you to third parties.

Subsidiaries and service providers:

We are likely to transmit the aforementioned information to our subsidiaries, affiliated companies or other companies or trusted individuals you process them for our account. We see to it that these companies or individuals process the aforementioned information only according to our instructions and in conformance with the current Rules of confidentiality and promise to put in place appropriate security and protective measures for the confidentiality of data.

Your obligations:

We believe in all good faith that access, use, protection and disclosure of the aforementioned information is reasonably necessary, in full measure permitted and required by law, in order to (a) conform to a lawful, statutory, judicial obligation or all other demands emanating from a public authority, (b) enforce the Terms of use in effect, including in order to determine possible violations of these terms, (c) detect, prevent or deal with fraudulent activities, infringements on security or any other problem of technical nature, or (d) to protect against any infringement on rights, or property or on the security of Crowdbase, its users or the public.


Herein, you consent to the fact that Crowdbase conveys some of your personal information to third parties.

Protection of confidential data:

We observe strict measures of security as regards archival storage and the disclosure of transmitted information, so as to avoid any non-authorized access. Therefore, it is possible that we ask of new Users to prove their identity before providing confidential information.

Computer or HTTP "cookies":

Computer or HTTP "cookies", commonly called cookies, are information that an HTTP server saves on the hard disk of a computer to identify the Visitor. Our cookies do not contain confidential information; they only allow us to conduct various operations, facilitating your navigation on the site. Most browsers automatically accept cookies. It is possible to refuse them by changing “Your preferences” on the computer. However, without cookies, access to certain functions in our site could become impossible. It is therefore preferable to authorize them.

User Passwords and account security:

Users are responsible to keep confidential the user name or names and the password or passwords associated with the account. Crowdbase cannot be held responsible if third parties obtain confidential information by using the addresses associated with the User account.

Links to other sites:

Our site offers links to other external sites. The information thus exchanged is no longer subject to our confidentiality policy, but to the one of the external site to which the user navigates, if that is the case.

Modifying the data in Crowdbase:

At anytime, the User can consult and modify any of his/her confidential data that was recorded in his/her profile.

Removal of file:

If a User wants to have his/her profile permanently withdrawn from the files of Crowdbase, he/she can do it by requesting an administrator to remove his/her Profile. The content generated by this user remains always accessible on the Site.

Modification of the confidentiality policy:

Crowdbase reserves for itself the right to modify at any time its confidentiality policy. In that event, it will advise all persons concerned.


Access to information

Personal information:

Personal information is that which concerns an individual person and which allows identifying him/her. The name of an individual person is not personal information, except when it is mentioned with other information concerning him/her or when mention alone would reveal personal information concerning this person.

That which is not personal information…

Not considered to be personal information, information of a professional nature: the name, title or functions, the business address as well as the telephone numbers and the business fax or the business’ electronic address.


The User agrees to indemnify Crowdbase, and its affiliates, administrators, employees or agents and to not hold them responsible for any loss, responsibility or request, including, but not limited to, reasonable legal and attorney’s fees, and accounting fees, incurred by any third party individual resulting from the use of Crowdbase and its services or from the violation of terms and conditions herein stated.