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Centralize team knowledge

Gather content that interests you, save what truly matters and share it with your team. Organize information into meaningful knowledge - all in one secure, private environment.

  • Organize content

    Contextualize information by sorting it around relevant topics within your groups.

  • Find anything

    Search everywhere, even inside documents. Easily retrieve what you need to get the job done.

  • Create posts

    Reports, entreprise documents, internal procedures, full-fledged articles - draw up everything your team needs to get the work done.

  • Share files

    Corporate videos, forms, presentations. Add any type of file. Integrate with Box, Dropbox and Google Drive.

Ask questions, get the right answers

Build a library of answers and improve business practices as you learn from your very own experts. Help your team be better at their job. Become more knowledgeable about your own organization.

How do I schedule vacation time? 1 hour ago


As your department coordinator, I'm the person responsible for approving such requests. Just give me a call: extension 2327! 10 minutes ago

I think your HR advisor could probably help you with that. 30 minutes ago

  • Ask your team

    Harness your team’s collective brain to improve your learning.

  • Help others

    Contribute your knowledge, help others reach their full potential.

  • Select the best answer

    Feature what is most relevant for your team.

What else can you do with Crowdbase?

  • Create groups

    Share specific knowledge with the appropriate department, whether it is IT, marketing or sales.

  • Create topics

    Categorize your content in a way that enables knowledge transfer and faster learning.

  • Highlight/Annotate

    Save everyone time by featuring what’s important.

  • Add comments

    Provide feedback and foster engagement.

  • Keep your content safe

    Our solution is private and secure. Only users from your organization can access the groups you create.

  • Add the browser button

    Easily grab content while navigating the web.

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  • Get the mobile app

    Access your knowledge on the go. Anytime, everywhere.

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  • Access a user directory

    Meet your colleagues. Discover their expertise and interests.

  • Favorites

    Busy day? Come back to interesting content when you have a few minutes.

  • Admin controls

    Restrict user access and limit content creation. View activity reports and stats.

  • SHOW More
    • Like Content

      The virtual equivalent of a pat on the back.

    • Add Tags

      Further contextualize your information to ensure your team gets the big picture.

    • Share with your team

      Ensure everyone is aware of critical information.

    • Editor’s picks

      Feature interesting content on a simple landing page.

    • Preview links and files

      Read through articles, PDFs and documents right inside Crowdbase.

    • Enable notifications

      Customizable alerts help you keep up with what’s happening within your organization.

    • Receive custom digests

      Stay up-to-date with content of your choosing, delivered to your inbox.

    • Email to post

      Send important information from your inbox to your Crowdbase groups.

    • Sign up with Google

      Faster and convenient signup process, easy login.